A Film by Lucian Segura

Tunes Turn Tides

The protagonists in the film 1.5 – STAY ALIVE bring an urgent message from the Caribbean to the international community:

Help us limit global warming to 1.5°C!

With current temperature increases at half that, the Caribbean region is already feeling the heat. Sea level is rising, coasts are eroding, hurricanes and tropical storms are building up more rapidly, and coral reefs are disappearing.

Nonetheless, filmmaker Lucian Segura and his team capture a spirit of optimism and resilience by challenging a host of preeminent Caribbean musicians to express their experiences of climate change, and their visions of how to confront it.

Not only a feast for the eyes and ears, the film also has enormous potential to close knowledge gaps on climate change by offering a platform to globally renowned climate experts from the region.

Part music video and part documentary, 1.5 – STAY ALIVE is equally adapted to be screened at climate rallies, in cinemas or in educational settings in almost any part of the world. So, turn up the bass, clear the dance floor and let the film under your skin.

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